Getting a Job

How will you stand out to prospective employers? This course will guide you through the whole process from deciding which jobs to apply for and writing your CV/resume to succeeding in an interview.

Image of Sam at his job interview Into the Wild Sam is on his way to Yellowstone National Park for his first job interview. See if you can help him get his dream job! 30 min Image of Three different coloured highlighters on three notebooks Your Train-ing Journey Finding a job is not all about luck. It's part learned skill and part persistence. Find out how the Academy can help you get a job! 15 min Image of Teacher helping students with their job search Who Can Help You? Do you know all the different people who can help you in your job search? Let's see where you can find your advisors. 20 min Image of Jenny on the phone Jenny and Sam Sam is going to meet his advisor, Jenny. Can you help Jenny to get Sam to think differently about her role? 40 min Image of Different coloured pencils in a pencil holder Identify Your Skills Don't think you have many skills? Yes you do- you just need to know how to find them! 25 min Image of Hand writing on paper Create Your Resume Having a good resume is vital to finding a job. Find out how to write good one. 40 min Image of Different coloured computer cables Work Your Network Daniel thinks he has done everything he can to get a job. Can you help Rose show him another part of job hunting that he has not thought of? 40 min Image of A pile of notebooks Do Your Research Doing your research can help you stand out from the competition. Find out how. 40 min Image of A folded shirt To Apply or Not to Apply? Job advertisements can be worded in confusing ways. See how to decode them and figure out if the job is right for you. 25 min Image of A toy car Test Drive the CAR Technique Learn the technique all interviewers live by. Structure the way you communicate your experiences in a winning way. 40 min Image of Rows of carrots The Selection Process Employers go through particular steps when recruiting. Get the inside story on what you may encounter. 25 min Image of a red desktop phone handle The Call Out of the Blue Angela is about to get a call from a recruitment agency. Help her handle an unexpected phone interview. 40 min Image of A pencil scribbling on a piece of paper Tailor Your Resume You need to customize your resume for every job you apply for. Find out why and how. 30 min Image of The edge of a ring binder The Application Form An application form is an opportunity to share your basic information. Find out how to fill it in to get the next stage of the selection process. 30 min Image of An envelope saying hello A Better Cover Letter Cover letters are still important today. Find out why and how to write one that catches the employer's eye. 30 min Image of An outdoor clock reading 12.05. Prepare for Your Interview Successful interviews are all about preparation. Find out how to prepare for that all important day and more. 35 min Image of the receptionist talking to sam at FuturoSystems Sam and FuturoSystems Sam has another interview. Can you apply everything you have learned to help him get this job? 40 min Image of Female interviewer with female interviewee Ace Your Interview Get ahead by perfecting your interview technique. Get hints on interview questions, body language, and the unwritten rules. 35 min Image of Interviewer at Pearly Bank The Pearly Bank Panel Angela knows there will be more than one person interviewing her at Pearly Bank. See if you can help her navigate through her interview. 40 min Image of Pieces of paper advertising Facebook, Twitter and Google Online Professional Presence Learn how to make technology work for you! Create a LinkedIn and learn how to manage your social media to help you get a job. 40 min